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And so it begins

I was awoken this fine summer morning by the roosters call and the sounds of his flock itching to be set free from their nightly entrapment in the coop. Each morning begins the same, out the back door to the coop to open the door, refill the food and water. The chickens fly out the door, racing to be the first to the compost bin to see what kitchen scraps have been left overnight. Then it’s a cut back through the house to the koi pond to feed the fish on the way down to the pond to open up the ducks.  I can hear the ducks loudly quacking as I throw a few handfuls of food to the voracious fish.

With the chickens and fish done it’s down the hill to the noisiest corner of the property. I fill the feeder and water before I open the door to the quacking horde. As I pull down the door there is a moment of silence from the beasts until they realize it is only me there to open the world to them for another day.  They waddle as quick as there feet will go to be the first down the ramp and to the food. 

I stick my head in the coop to make sure all the ……Wait what is that?  Is that… No it couldn’t be. It’s…’s…’s an egg!  Glory be the long wait is over. The ducks have laid their first eggs.

Not one, but two. One good duck used the nesting box.

The other just dropped theirs in the middle of the floor.

So snuggly duckling farm now has egg laying ducks. Now how do I train these fowl how the keep there eggs clean until I get there.


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