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My country list: 2

Okay lets get back to the next item on my list of things someone should have told me before I moved to the country.  For todays blog post lets talk about what you can see, and by that I mean nothing anything at all.  When the sun goes down it is DARK.  I mean I understand the concept of an absence of light but holy carp it is dark.  It is just so surprising how much you expect that there will be some bit of light to be there at all times.  You truly don’t realize how much light pollution there is near the cities until you get out to an area where there are no street lights.  Even if you don’t have street lights in your neighborhood there is still an amazing amount of light that can be given off of nearby houses. When your house is surrounded by a 100 yard wide wall of 50 foot tall trees in all directions, the only hope for light comes from above, and then you look up to see a million pin points of light, none of which let you see the hand in front of your face.

One of our first nights in the country was a moonless one and we were amazed by the darkness.  You really don’t understand the capabilities of a flashlight until you see it cut through that kind of dark.  The light from a good flashlight looks like a physical beam that you could reach out and grab.  For you Star Wars fans out there picture carrying a light saber to light your way.

I was walking across the yard with my trusty battery torch blazing the path when I heard something in the garden next to me. In that instance my mind ran through a thousand options of what horror could have snuck up on me.  I turned my light so quickly that I could almost see the light bend.  I prepared myself for the worst as the beam focused in on the beast.  I found myself facing down a bunny rabbit, but from the look in his eyes I could tell that he had messed himself too.

So let me end by saying that when you move the country, bring your own light with you where ever you go, as when the sun goes down you are going to need it.

IMG_6678 The view from my driveway down to the pond, isn’t it beautiful?

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