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How to make a chickens day

Over the weekend, we had a company cookout at our homestead.  We had collected duck eggs for several days and hoped that folks would each take a few to try. Unfortunately getting people to take more than one or two eggs was very difficult, and even when they did take a few they were highly skeptical. Thus we were left with a plethora of duck eggs on this fine Tuesday morning.

I decided to make the chickens day and made them a 33 egg duck omelette.

Now just opening that many duck eggs can be a little bit of a chore.  For those not experienced with duck eggs, they have a slightly harder shell than chicken eggs and an inner membrane that can be as thick as a ziplock bag.

Scramble and garnish. I mean we’re not uncivilized out her in the country.

Then serve to your adoring crowd.

That’s the great thing about chickens, they will eat just about anything. The fact is our chicken feed bill is very low due to the fact that we feed ours all of our kitchen scraps.  If it’s good enough for us it’s good enough for them. Eat and enjoy my girls.

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