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the unique cabin #1

After the company cookout we had at the homestead, I have decided to start another continuing series of blog posts.  Several of the guests commented on the unique items we have gathered over the years.  This made me think more about an idea I’ve had for a while now,  that being what makes our home unique in the world.  In other words, what is it about the items found in our home, that while many others live in log cabins, makes ours one of a kind.

So let’s start this day in one of the most used areas of our cabin, the kitchen.  Now our kitchen is like most, a fridge, an oven, a sink, and like many other log cabins has a cast iron skillet hanging on the wall.

But how many other log homes around also contain a Hello Kitty rice steamer?


And a samurai bento. 

I would bet that those put our cabin in a very unique class. 

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