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Odd morning finds

I knew this morning was going to be slightly different; starting with the fact I didn’t have to be at work to open.  This meant I could sleep in, which for my old man-ness apparently means 6:15am. This is okay for this time of year because that is when then sun is doing the first job of her morning which is to wake up the chickens and ducks.  This of course leads to my first job of the day, letting the fowl out of their coops before they start making enough noise to wake the dead.

After coming back in to complete the other morning rituals (shower, shave and food), I had plenty of time to…….well that’s where I run into trouble. I still have to go to work, so I don’t want to start any big projects.  I decide on a nice walk out to check on the pool.  Only I open the door to find that the ducks have left the pond and decided to take the 100 yard trek up a hill to snoop around the front porch. 

This picture of course is after I regained my bearings, grabbed my phone from my pocket and snapped a picture while they high tailed it out of the area.  I calmy herded the ducks back to the pond, while asking them why they were up at the house.  They quackered back and forth, about this and that, but never answered my question.

As I came back up to the house I spied another oddity for this morning.  This one was near our shed.  When I say near I mean on top of. 

Funny I don’t recall leaving that tree on the roof of the shed.  I also don’t recall any storm or wind last night, and really don’t recall hearing the sound of a tree braking off and landing on the shed. Perhaps the wife ordered for me as a present. I’ll go ask her.  Be right back. Hey honey…..

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  1. Didn’t lose a single duckling, I see. 🙂

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