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The unique cabin #2

Looking around the cabin for other items that make our home different from all the others in the world isn’t that hard. How about what’s hanging on the walls right in front of me.   I am sure there are many cabins out there that have water color iris art work on the wall

And there is a slim chance that another cabin may have a print of a squirrel and some bunnies having tea.


But I can guarantee that no other cabin in America combines the first two with a portrait of a rabbit wearing a monocle.

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End of the season

As fall approaches, it spells the end of the summer vegetable season.  We had a few large green tomatoes left on the vines, and I decided to fry them up to go with dinner tonight.


Decided to use a few duck eggs for the egg wash and mixture of panko flakes, corn meal and crushed red pepper for the breading. 

Served with a siracha mayo and a dill and lemon mustard.

Not bad if I do say so. 

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The nightly walk

Each night we have to go close the ducks into their house.  This process has gone through many stages.  There was the “chase back and forth past the door” phase, the “get in the canoe and chase them out of the pond” phase and now we are at the “sometimes put themselves away” phase.  Last night was a “hey time to go to bed time so start walking ducks.”