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the unique cabin #3

This is another installment in my series of blog posts about how our cabin has items that make it unique amongst all cabins, and possibly all homes, around the world.  For todays post I looked at one of the largest items that inhabits our home, and one that other homes in the country setting may in fact also have and that is a five foot tall metal rooster.

So while rooster art may be common, few I imagine would keep it in the living room.  Right?   Okay so others may have a rooster, but how many also have a metal rabbit playing on a laptop?

In the unlikely chance that  another cabin has the rooster and rabbit combo (doubtful), let me throw in the item that will put our home over the top.  How many others also have …..wait for it…. a three foot tall  penguin wearing a party hat and bow tie.

 (Drop the mic and walk off stage)

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