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Our Christmas tree

I am not a fan of the cold, and thus winter is not my favorite season.  The big exception to this though is the fact that Christmas falls during this time and I love the Christmas season.  A big reason why I love Christmas is the tree.  I have to admit that in years past I have not been the most excited person about decorating the Christmas tree, because we have so many ornaments that it it seemed to take forever to put them all on.  This year though I was struck by all the memories that came flooding back with each ornament we added to the tree. 

We have been celebrating Christmas with decorating trees together since 1999, and have collected a wide range of ornaments in that time. Some we have purchased, others gifted and many family hand-me-downs.


A little explanation on the duck.  My wife wanted a platypus ornament, unfortunately that is not the easiest to find, so we had to make our own. 

More on the rest of our holiday decorations to come, but for now enjoy your week world. 

6 thoughts on “Our Christmas tree

  1. I love the tree, my family has ornaments that have been made by my sisters and I over the years. A tree of memories I like to call it, and I feel as though that is what Christmas is all about. Making new memories but also reflecting on the ones that have happened.

  2. Great ornaments. Great memories!

  3. Love the Chinese take-out ornament. Our tree is like this too, not matcha-matcha but just collected over 24 years time. It’s unreal how much we have, but somehow we squeeze it all onto the tree.

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    I never get tired of looking at Christmas trees and lights!!

  5. You have a wonderful tree – I just love the array of memories you have. I haven’t had the true “Christmas Spirit” feeling in many, MANY years (I don’t really know why, and it saddens me)…except for the day we go pick out our tree, and decorate it. The smell of pine that fills the house brings my senses to life, if only for a brief moment…and in that moment, all the memories of Christmases past envelop me, and it’s a wonderful feeling. Thank you for sharing your memories with us! 🙂

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