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A little more Christmas 

While the Christmas tree is definitely the star of our Christmas decorations, we do have some other beloved items we put out each year.  

We have two nativity sets that we put out each year. One large elegant one. 

And one simple carved set.


As well as a few signs. 

And of course you have to have an angel or two.

Then we get into some of the items that we think are special, such as this little penguin. Unfortunately someone in the factory put his feet on backwards, but we love him anyways.

And this this little elf, who couldn’t love a face like that. 

Then there is one of my favorite items we have.  It is a simple painted terra cotta Santa who looks downwards, like he may be sad. Well at some point the end of his hat broke off several years ago, and we left it near him until we could fix it, but it just seems to work better now as he looks longingly down at the poor broken tip of his cap.  Each year we put it out just as is and it makes me smile. Poor Santa. 

This seasons mantel theme was stars. 


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