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New ladies

Yesterday morning we went to our first chicken swap. We didn’t actually bring any chickens to swap, but we did have some cash in hand in case something caught our eye.  It was a rainy cold morning so there was just a couple people there. One guy had a bunch of bantams, which were pretty birds but my wife had a goal in mind.  The next couple selling had a bunch of turkeys, some barred rocks, a bunch of meat rabbits and the chickens my wife had her eye out for.  

We love our chickens and the eggs they give us are plentiful and delicious, but they are all brown eggs.  My wife had been on the look out for some Ameraucanas (or Americanas, I’ve see it both ways) is, and this couple had them.  They not only had some 4 week old birds, but some laying hens.  We decided on the older hens and into a box they went for the trip home. So let me introduce you to our new chickens. 

Now we cross our fingers and pray for some blue or green eggs.


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