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Back home 

We are back home after a week away from the old homestead.  We were in Atlanta for a week.  Thankfully we have a great friend who loves the country and is willing to take care of all the animals.  That is an aspect of homesteading that we really are lucky with at this point.  If ever we need to go out of town, you can’t just drop 15 chickens, 13 ducks, 2 rabbits, 2 parakeets and a cat off at a friends house to watch. 

We have also been really lucky with the winter temperatures so far this year, but they are falling this week. Last night got down to 12 degrees, and the same is expected for the next couple.  There is also a forecast for 8-12 inches of snow starting Friday, and while we dealt with snow last winter, we didn’t have quite as many mouths to keep track of.  

The ducks I know are suppose to be very cold hardy, but I still can’t help but worry about keeping them safe.  They are the farthest from the house, so I don’t have power where they are.  I have a freeze-free water set up for the chickens but not for the ducks as of yet, so we will be making many trips down to them to make sure they have unfrozen water to drink.  As of yesterday they still had an unfrozen spot on the pond, which this morning is gone.  We will prepare and do the best we can.  Until later world. For now here is a video of the ducks coming across the frozen pond last night to be put into their house. 



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