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And the snow came down

The massive snow storm that blasted the midatlantic hit us about 9am on the 22nd. It started for me earlier than that, I woke up about 5am and started thinking about all the things I should do before the snow got too heavy.  I checked the generator in case of a power outage, that thankfully never happened. I put whatever wood I could put my hands on around the bottom of the rabbit hutch and an extra tarp for the top.  Then we sat back and waited for it to arrive. 

The ducks don’t seem to mind the snow, as opposed to the chickens who look outside the coop and say “oh heck no, I’ll stay right here.”

The duck house provided on of my favorite scenes from the snow. 

As did the path lights. 

We did have to deal with one small downed tree blocking the driveway.    
We worked hard and shoveled ourselves out.


And the state and county have done a great job on the road we live on.

And now, after a hards day work, we are cleaning out some of the left over meats in the fridge to make a big pot of chili.


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