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Snow again

Well the snow is falling again on the homestead.  

As of yesterday the ducks had been fighting valiantly to keep a small home of open water in the icy pond.  I am amazed every day how cold tolerant ducks are.  The fact they can swim in that ice hole and stand for long periods on the ice is astounding.   
   When I’m not mesmerized by the ducks, I’ve been working on the goat area. I’ve got three side of the area enclosed by fencing and have installed a gate to the front side.  

I’ve started construction on the barn and was able to get the floor leveled and built before the snow.  
   In clearing the area there may have been a former structure where I’m building, or at least a dumping ground.  

The new chickens have started laying and our egg cartons have gotten much more colorful.  
  Until next time my friends.


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