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We march on

Time marches on here on the homestead.  Mother Nature decided that we needed one of the wettest springs I can remember, but finally the heat is starting to come.  This has lead to the springing up of all of our vegetables.  The first garden bed we worked on when we moved in is at the corner of our driveway and front walk.  As we head into the third year here, it is looking good.

The first edibles to come out of the garden this year, besides the greens,have been a few blue berries, but the tomatoes are coming in fast.

The project I’ve been working on recently is installing an archway we bought as the entrance to what will one day be our main garden.

I’ve also been building a pergola for veggies and  some hardy kiwis to grow up on.

The front porch had a visitor the other day.  The most surprising thing about the visit was that the cat didn’t think it was a play thing and squash it.

We have been working on taking the goats out for walks on leashes, but more what it turns into is standing around while the goats munch the first brush they pass.

Of course everyone asks about the baby chicks, who are doing just fine.


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