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Day off observations

Tuesday’s are my day off from the pharmacy each week.  It provides a day to not only get stuff done around the homestead, but also to just observe what’s going on.  I walked down to the small koi pond that is outside our kitchen window and found a green friend.

Perhaps he was asking if I had seen his cousin recently, and unfortunately, I had.

A dead frog in the pool is a very common site, and part of the day off-chores is removing such to a proper resting place. Near the pool is a young Magnolia showing off its white blooms to the world and making the air smell so good.

Of course my chore list has to include cleaning out the goat stalls since our ladies arrived.  Unfortunately Caro always wants to help by being in my way at every step of the process.

With the hot days and frequent rain showers, our basil has shot up which means I get to make one of my favorite dishes: pasta with homemade pesto.

Oh so good.  Well goodnight for now, my friends.  Time to get settled in and watch the USA vs Costa Rica soccer match.


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