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Summer arrives

Summer has arrived here on the homestead, and with the summer comes sudden thunderstorms.  The last one to move through took out the top of one of trees near the house.

With a downed tree in the yard it was time to bust out the chipper.  Unfortunately the chipper decided to continue its winter slumber a little while longer and educate me on how to work on small engine carburetors.

While walking out of the goat barn the other morning I found one of my wife’s new puppies hanging around.  This one was not as soft and cuddly as the last.

This is Vivi, our oldest and highest producing goat.

She was not milked correctly by one of her previous owners and has blown out/ballon teats.  This makes it much easier to see when she is full of milk versus when she is empty.

Summer is bringing the first crops of the season, including squash, beans, melons and tomatoes.

The ducks continue to wander the yard leaving eggs like the water bunny.

The wife found another puppy she wanted to keep.  This one is one I’ve looking for, though.

Have a great summer, world.


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