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The goings on

Well life continues here on the Snuggly Ducking homestead.  In the last few weeks we worked on pulling out the summer vegetables, only leaving a nice basil plant for some future pesto.

We tried to bring the goats over and let them munch away before we pulled everything out, but all they wanted to eat were the blueberry bushes. So instead we tried tying them to a couple trees at a different part of the yard and kept an eye on them.

I’ve started the process of chopping firewood for the coming winter.

There’s a lot more to go I know, but this is the one chore out of all of them that always makes my body feel old. The aches and pains make standing at a pharmacy counter the next day an ibuprofen-filled one.

River the cat continues to be a great help with all the chores.

I’ll leave you today internet peeps with a tee shirt I created which can be bought on tee-spring at Homestead-life

Have a great week.


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