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It is to be expected

Time marches on here at Snuggly Duckling Farm.  Fall is knocking the leaves off the trees and the mornings are getting colder and colder.

No, a rabbit didn’t explode but it did get a hair cut.  And no, a chicken didn’t explode under this hawk but it sure looks like it may have.

We had opened the chicken run to a part of the yard the chickens don’t get to visit too often, and when we looked out the window we saw an unwanted visitor and one less chicken.  We feel bad for the chicken but at the same time the hawk is just being a hawk, and he has to eat too.  I decided to put up a pergola in the run to give a little more cover. I think I turned out pretty good.

And here are a couple mushroom pictures just because I like them.

Have a good one.


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