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January rolls on

The month of January rolls onward with almost frightening speed. A little recap of the past couple weeks is in order.  We had our first snowfall of the year.

Just after the roads had cleared we made our annual trek to Atlanta for the AmericasMart Gift and Home Decor show.  One member of the homestead tried to stow away and come with us but got caught in the act.

p has used up her Christmas gift certificate to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and has organized them all by when we need to start each of them.

We have also turned part of our bathroom into a plant nursery, complete with grow lights to help us have our best vegetable year since we moved here.

So I prepare to be overrun by small plants and await my fate. Today, though, I sit inside on a Sunday morning as a drizzle falls, preceding a deluge the weather channel says is to arrive shortly.  The budgies have begun the daily squawk as English Premier League plays on the tv. A drive into the city for a family meal will come in a few hours, but for now I sit with a cup of coffee, looking out across the land.

The world is an okay place, my friends.


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