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On the road again 

Life in the country can sometimes feel like a life constantly on the road.  Each work day I have an hour and twenty minute round-trip car ride to get to the pharmacy.  Yesterday though, I had the other required car ride to make it through: the ride into town for supplies.

As I drove home I thought about all the different stages of my drive.  It starts on a four lane highway with businesses on both sides of the road.  Quickly the traffic around me also changes from hatch-backs and sedans to pickup trucks and log haulers.

After a few short minutes I pass under the final traffic light of my trip home. Nothing but stop signs from here on out.

Just beyond the final traffic light, the four lanes decrease to the more familiar two.

Now onto the long two-lane stretch, where the dotted center line dares the brave to pass the slow.  In the city getting stuck between a slower car may mean you quickly take a different route, but out in the country there is often only one way to go.  Also in the city, a slower vehicle may be a granny doing 30 in a 45, while in the country you may run upon a tractor changing fields doing 10 in a 55.

In the country when you get directions you will hear things like “go to the old tavern and hang a left.”

As a former greenhouse and nursery worker, one of the joys of my drives is the big old trees showing off their graceful structure during the leafless months.

After a couple turns and 30 minutes later, I come to another county line.

Now onto the the non-lined road that leads to the homestead…

…and the final view at end of my driveway.

Good to be home.


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