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For the past week I’ve been coming off of the medications I take during my cluster headaches, and it has been a little rough. Yesterday though, was a very good day.

It started out with getting a  lucky double yolk egg to go with my spam, the breakfast of champions.

While eating said spam and eggs I had a beautiful sunrise out the kitchen window to keep me company.

The project for the day was to get an awning built to keep the rain farther from the goat barn doors.

I also roasted my first turkey yesterday.  No, it was not one we raised.  We had bought it before Thanksgiving and it had sitting in the freezer.  It was a 14 pounder that we got for only $3.  I will have to keep an eye out for those kinds of deals again because it turned out perfect and will probably feed us for a week.

Have a great week, world.


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