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Happy Easter 

Happy Easter world.  Sunrise is something I get to enjoy pretty much each morning here. I hope  those who made it out to sunrise services throughout the world had a similar beautiful one. 

We added to our little homestead this week when Vivi gave birth to a buckling.

The other buckling, Shep, is two week old now and even though he was not happy when we disbudded him, has come around to being interested in us.  Or at least interested in my shorts. 

Have a great week world.


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Sweater weather

The days go by so fast sometimes.  With spring here and temperatures going up and down to almost freezing, we are trying to get as much done as we can.  We completed the chicken tractor.  We bought a coop from Tractor Supply and then attached it to a base frame with some wheels and added a door.  Thus the baby chicks moved from the dining room table to the great outdoors.

The ducks remembered where their house was and started laying again.

We got our potatoes in the ground.  We watched a video where a guy just cleared an area, put down some blood meal and then covered them all with a bunch of used straw. It seemed so easy that we thought we would give it a go.

The cat helped in her usual way of course. 

The temperature dipped to near freezing the other night so baby goat got to wear his sweater.

Have a great week my friends.