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When nature comes calling

Spring showers have turned to torrential downpours in the past few weeks. While it leaves a muddy mess, it has been great for the garden.

A contractor for the power company came through to clear the power lines on one edge of our property.  We were planning to get someone to come bushhog the area, but we wanted to do it after a blackberry harvest.  But hey, at least this was free and very quick.  Now we have a lot more space to do stuff with.

A windy day brought down a couple of the dead trees that had been hanging over our driveway.  Unfortunately, the trees were covered by a giant batch of poison ivy.

After work yesterday I had to make a run to the hardware store for some supplies to fix a pump, and when we turned out of the drive a black bear was running up the road.

The bear looks to be a couple hundred pounds, but I am more concerned by who I found in the goat barn this morning.

I know black snakes aren’t a real danger to me, but there are plenty of things here on the homestead that it could eat, including ….

That’s right we finally have some more ducklings here at Snuggly Duckling Farm.  Of course it wasn’t our ducks that did the hatching though.  It was our good mother hen.

We gathered up some duck eggs from around the yard (because our ducks lay everywhere) and stuck them under our mother hen who had gone broody again.  She hatched all three we put under her.  One of our other hens went broody shortly after this one began to sit and is due to hatch her eggs any day now.  From what we’ve read the ducklings would be okay with the chickens if they were by themselves, but with chicks around the ducklings may have a rough go of it.  But for now the ducklings are just babys amongst the flock.

Have a great race day folks. It’s off to the couch to watch the Monti Carlo gran prix and get ready for the greatest spectacle in sports the Indy 500.


7 thoughts on “When nature comes calling

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  2. Chicks are so adorable, and they always look extra cute when they’re with a surrogate mom!

  3. Wow, scary but beautiful at the same time! We hate snakes too, at least in the area we inhabit! I didn’t know hens would hatch ducklings, thats so freaking adorable!!

    1. Have to have a hen willing to sit an extra week to hatch the ducklings. This particular hen while being kind of wierd as a salmon faverolle is one good sitter.

      1. Thats so awesome!

  4. Wow, look at that bear run! I’ve seen them walking before but never really running. Boy can they move!
    – Christine

    1. Was surprised he didn’t immediately take off into the woods and just kept going up the road.

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