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A new day

Woke up this morning to a snow covered world.

Thankfully I don’t have to be a work this morning, but I do have to think about tomorrow.

Life has been good around the homestead, unless you are a duck that is. With the pond being completely frozen by some nights of single digit temperatures, our ducks have been literally sitting ducks. In past years over the winter we have lost a duck, but this year our flock has gone from 13 to 3. I built a house do them but have never been able to get them to use it. The remaining 3 have started using the house do I can close them up at night.

I think I have found the right combination of heaters to keep our pipes from freezing. That has been a relief, but I don’t want to see my next electric bill.

Well I’m headed back to bed after my morning chores to enjoy the snow day. Stay safe world.


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