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bath bomb cupcakes

I make bath bomb cupcakes using a slightly modified version of this recipe.  I’m very happy with the results, and although the icing requires a bit of speed, it dries hard and packages and ships well.

I’ve iced the latest batch: peppermint candy!


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getting it done

Cutting a couple of soap loaves today.

The black one is a “fisherman’s” soap, scented with herbs and anise.  I’m currently calling it Captain Ahab; pretty much it smells like licorice and revenge.

The second is my Three Magi soap, scented with frankincense and myrrh with a gold mica dusting.  Smells catholic.

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patience is a virtue… i don’t have

Waiting for soaps to cure is difficult for me.  I cure my cold process soaps for at least a month before I package them, and during that time I stare at them a lot.  And I smell them and worry that the scent is changing, that it’s getting stronger or weaker, that they looked prettier yesterday, that they are too soft or too hard or too dark or too light…