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Summer days

We’ve made it into the scorching days of midsummer, and things have been good here on the homestead.  Our veggies haven’t done as well this year as last, but we did get our first-ever okra, including this big boy…

…w got turned into a fried movie-watching tasty delight.

The ducks continue to just drop eggs wherever they are passing through.

We have a chicken that has gone broody, only problem is she is very bad at it.  She keeps switching the box she wants to sit in.  So the other day we started to try and break her broodiness with a nice cold bath, while the bunnies dug a hole to China behind my back.

We did get enough out of the garden for my wife to put together a nice welcome home basket for our neighbor.

One thing I have learned to love about living in the country is how in times of plenty people love to share their bounty.  This bag of cucumbers was a gift from a regular pharmacy customer.

Living out a ways means that the miles can rack up on the vehicle quite quickly, so I’ve started changing my own oil.

And lastly for today I found a new friend the other day, sunning himself on the studio stairs.


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The past few days

The past few days have seen a lot going on for us.  The biggest change has been the temperature, I know it is still fall but this morning it felt like winter had arrived.  The thermometer read 30 degrees this morning. 

The overnight lows have meant that we have fired up the wood stove every evening.  We have not had our heat pump going as of yet so we can keep our electric bill down.  We get our electricity from an electric co-op which has turned out to be very expensive, and since we have to use it to even flush the toilets we want to use as little as possible. 

The changing season has also brought down quit a few of the leaves.  I am so thankful that part of the contract to buy our property was that the owner had to include his lawn tractor and leaf-vac.

And finally our little homestead got a couple new additions this week, in the form of two female long hair bunnies.