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Merry Christmas Everybody

Well Christmas morning has arrived, which for those of us in retail seems like a long time coming. We will shortly make the trek into town to spend Christmas morning with my wife’s family as we do every year. My dad and one of my brothers also live in the area but we have always had flexible celebration time with them. This year we got together Christmas Eve Eve. P made an amazing cake for dessert.

One of our neighbors brought a present for the goats, their first round bale of hay. It’s has been a big hit.

I’m off work for the next week, so it will be back to work on Mr boy goats new shelter.

I’m trying to save as much money as possible and reuse more wood from the deck my father-in-law took down a few months ago.

Well time to go celebrate. Merry Christmas everybody.


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Christmas is up

Last night we filled the cabin with holiday spirit.

We bought a new artificial tree this year that is much closer to a real tree. It has very random and open limbs that we love.

Thaddeus the penguin has come down from his bedroom to join the party. He is ALWAYS ready to party.

We added several new ornaments from last year. Here are a few of the new ones I could find at the moment.

Another new addition is this surprised santa that I’ve been told resembles me.

Oh well, onward towards Christmas.


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A special occasion 

This past weekend brought a couple of special events to our little piece of Planet Earth.

The first one: our goat Caro discovered she is a goat.

All of a sudden Caro started showing us her Alpine heritage.  She found that she could jump up and balance on the 2×4 that is the top of the barrier between the two stalls of our goat barn. It’s a pretty impressive little trick, also very annoying.

To rectify the situation I put up an old window we had as a deterrent, and it seems to have done the job for now.

The other event we had the honor of witnessing was the first annual Cartersville, Virginia Christmas tree lighting.  The “coffee club” that meets at the general store each morning decided that our little community needed an event to bring everyone together.  On a piece of land next to the bank was placed a donated tree and at precisely 6pm, Spanky, the unofficial mayor of Cartersville, said a few words and the switch was thrown. The 200 or so people who were there sang a few Christmas carols, and the lights from the tree allowed you to see and meet your neighbors. It was truly an event that made this move-to-the-country experiment feel like a great idea.

And Santa Claus even made appearance.

To my new found community, Merry Christmas.


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A little more Christmas 

While the Christmas tree is definitely the star of our Christmas decorations, we do have some other beloved items we put out each year.  

We have two nativity sets that we put out each year. One large elegant one. 

And one simple carved set.


As well as a few signs. 

And of course you have to have an angel or two.

Then we get into some of the items that we think are special, such as this little penguin. Unfortunately someone in the factory put his feet on backwards, but we love him anyways.

And this this little elf, who couldn’t love a face like that. 

Then there is one of my favorite items we have.  It is a simple painted terra cotta Santa who looks downwards, like he may be sad. Well at some point the end of his hat broke off several years ago, and we left it near him until we could fix it, but it just seems to work better now as he looks longingly down at the poor broken tip of his cap.  Each year we put it out just as is and it makes me smile. Poor Santa. 

This seasons mantel theme was stars. 


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Our Christmas tree

I am not a fan of the cold, and thus winter is not my favorite season.  The big exception to this though is the fact that Christmas falls during this time and I love the Christmas season.  A big reason why I love Christmas is the tree.  I have to admit that in years past I have not been the most excited person about decorating the Christmas tree, because we have so many ornaments that it it seemed to take forever to put them all on.  This year though I was struck by all the memories that came flooding back with each ornament we added to the tree. 

We have been celebrating Christmas with decorating trees together since 1999, and have collected a wide range of ornaments in that time. Some we have purchased, others gifted and many family hand-me-downs.


A little explanation on the duck.  My wife wanted a platypus ornament, unfortunately that is not the easiest to find, so we had to make our own. 

More on the rest of our holiday decorations to come, but for now enjoy your week world.