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I’m back

It’s been a while but I am back.  My pharmacy partner was out on maternity leave and I got out of sync, but I am back and ready to take on the fall and winter seasons.

We have been working hard cleaning out the garden beds. River the cat had been faithfully keeping an eye out for attacks.

It’s the time of year to get some baby goats baking, so we bought a new boyfriend.

His name is Sherlock and he is a miniature Nubian.  Even though our girls are full size he has gotten the job done.  At least we hope so.  We’ll find out in five months.

I’ll keep the post short for today as we are headed into Charlottesville to hit the farmers market. Have a great day world. 


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‘Tis the Season

Fall has definitely arrived here at Snuggly Duckling Farm.  How can I be so sure, you ask?  Is it the shorter days? Is it the changing color of the leaves? Is it the sound of migrating geese?   It is a big “No” to all those.  The way in which I can tell fall is here is that I put on a sweater today.


With fall here it also means it was time to get the goats freshened for next years milk production.  This was our first time going through the breeding process, and for my suburban brain, it is a bit of an odd thing to be a part of.  Caro, our Alpine/Toggenburg mix, we took to spend a week with a buck at Bad Moon Rizn farm, where we had got her from.  So that one was pretty easy, but for Vivi and Sidda, our Nubians,  it was suggested that we bring the buck to them.  So, meet Theo, our girls knight in shining armour.


Although he definitely does not smell like royalty at all.  I had heard that bucks stink, with all the peeing on themselves and sticking their face in the urine of the female, but holy moly he is one pungent fellow.  I picked him up in the same mini van that I had transported my goats in, but it was suggested that I but up a barrier.  I did that, but a pallet didn’t stand a chance against that smell.


He will be staying with us for a little while, and I have to get use to having him around.  He is, of course, much larger and much more powerful than our girls, and makes a lot more sounds which at this point is the aspect that is most nerve-wracking.


Besides the fun of Theo coming to visit, we also have had the excitement of a broken lawn tractor.  I’ve talked about how frequently things seem to breakdown around here, and how I’ve had to learn lots of new repairs, but this one was beyond my new learning.  So on Tuesday, a local garage came and picked it up.  For now we will just have to deal with the sight of leaves gracing the vistas.






Enjoy the fall, folks, and we will check back in later. D.


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A fine day

It’s a beautiful November day with temperatures in the mid-70’s.  There are plenty of things to be done but today just feels like one of those days to stop and appreciate life, and the place I now call home.   
Although they normally don’t seem to care what I’m doing, the ducks decided today to come visit as I walked beside the pond.


As I continued around the pond I came across a present left by one of my web footed friends. 

Or perhaps the Easter bunny is out here practicing for next year. 

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The past few days

The past few days have seen a lot going on for us.  The biggest change has been the temperature, I know it is still fall but this morning it felt like winter had arrived.  The thermometer read 30 degrees this morning. 

The overnight lows have meant that we have fired up the wood stove every evening.  We have not had our heat pump going as of yet so we can keep our electric bill down.  We get our electricity from an electric co-op which has turned out to be very expensive, and since we have to use it to even flush the toilets we want to use as little as possible. 

The changing season has also brought down quit a few of the leaves.  I am so thankful that part of the contract to buy our property was that the owner had to include his lawn tractor and leaf-vac.

And finally our little homestead got a couple new additions this week, in the form of two female long hair bunnies.


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Day off work

One of the things I have learned about living in the country is that days off from work are often days to work.  That’s what yesterday’s day off was for me.  

I started the day fixing a problem we have had with the duck house since we built it, but was exasperated by the week of rain we had.  The front of our duck house, while covered with hardware clothe, is wide open.  When we were building it we had left it that way to provide plenty of ventilation, but when the wind blows during a rain storm the straw inside gets very wet. So yesterday I added a awning to the front, using as much materials as I already had to keep down cost. 

This is what the duck house looked like just after we got the ducks in it.

And this is what it looks like after yesterday’s project.

The second project from yesterday was too clean up the yard. Thst meant a 3 hour voyage on the mower with the leaf-vac attached.

Now I just have to wait for the other nine trillion leafs to come down.