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Time off work?

I had last week off from work in preparation for being there a bunch while my partner is on maternity leave.  I’ve found that a week off on the homestead though can be one of the most exhausting vacations you will ever have.

My father-in-law was replacing the deck on his lake house so we said we would love to have as much of the would as they would let us,  so with free wood comes projects. A couple years ago we had taken the wood when he was redoing a deck at another house and used it to build our duck house. 

On of the projects for this bounty of free lumber was a new path from the back door to the chicken coop. 

Put up some cafe lights we had as well to make it look like visiting the chickens was something very special indeed.

The second project was one I was a little prouder of.  I tore down and replaced the old rotting steps and landing to our lower porch using some of the recycled wood.  Before it looked like this…

And now ….

We are going to paint a resurfacer on them still, but they turned out pretty good.  I like the way they make that part of the house look a lot less like a place the Clampetts lived in before they left the hills. 

Well after an exhausting week off it’s back to work for some rest.


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I don’t think that’s right 

With summer in full effect the garden is doing very well.

Our bean teepee is approaching the peak and starting to set some beans.

The corn is about 7 foot tall at this point.

We had to pull our our red potatoes out of the ground earlier than ideal.  One of the ducks decided to go broody in the middle of the potato plants, and started uncovering some of the potatoes.  We chased her off long enough for us to discover the poor girl had been sitting on a bunch of potatoes.

Once we harvested the potatoes into a bucket she came back and was trying to figure a way to get into the bucket to sit back on her eggs.  The poor girl. 

Oh well so long for now.


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Today marks the end of a week long staycation for me.  Lots of runs to the dump as we try to devoid our place of unwanted stuff.  Also took the opportunity to add a second set of external nesting boxes to our chicken coop.

They made added so much extra room inside as we removed the boxes from inside.

We also were able to harvest another bunch of potatoes, which had turned out to be much easier to grow then when we tried in past years.

I took a couple opportunities to do a little fishing and caught some of the channel catfish we had stocked the pond with last spring.

I’ll fill the rest of this post with some photos from around the homestead. Hope you enjoy.


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We march on

Time marches on here on the homestead.  Mother Nature decided that we needed one of the wettest springs I can remember, but finally the heat is starting to come.  This has lead to the springing up of all of our vegetables.  The first garden bed we worked on when we moved in is at the corner of our driveway and front walk.  As we head into the third year here, it is looking good.

The first edibles to come out of the garden this year, besides the greens,have been a few blue berries, but the tomatoes are coming in fast.

The project I’ve been working on recently is installing an archway we bought as the entrance to what will one day be our main garden.

I’ve also been building a pergola for veggies and  some hardy kiwis to grow up on.

The front porch had a visitor the other day.  The most surprising thing about the visit was that the cat didn’t think it was a play thing and squash it.

We have been working on taking the goats out for walks on leashes, but more what it turns into is standing around while the goats munch the first brush they pass.

Of course everyone asks about the baby chicks, who are doing just fine.


Also if you have a chance, check out my Etsy shop, where I’ve put some items back up for sale. Desultorious