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A house of his own.

I realized that I hadn’t posted any photos of the house I built for Sherlock in his new area.

The frame was made from more of the wood I got from my father-in-laws old deck. The outside is salvaged pallet wood. The only thing I had to buy was the metal roofing and some screws. So far he seems to like it.


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 A new goat trick 

I walked out to the goat area the the other day and as I approached I heard an odd noise.  From a distance it looked like Caro and Vivi where drinking from the same bucket which would have been very surprising. Instead Caro had discovered a new trick, making my a squeaky noise by chewing on a bucket. 


I sat there for about 15 minutes watching here do this.  I don’t know who was more interested; Caro by the noise or me by the fact a goat was amusing herself by making a squeaking noise on a bucket.


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A special occasion 

This past weekend brought a couple of special events to our little piece of Planet Earth.

The first one: our goat Caro discovered she is a goat.

All of a sudden Caro started showing us her Alpine heritage.  She found that she could jump up and balance on the 2×4 that is the top of the barrier between the two stalls of our goat barn. It’s a pretty impressive little trick, also very annoying.

To rectify the situation I put up an old window we had as a deterrent, and it seems to have done the job for now.

The other event we had the honor of witnessing was the first annual Cartersville, Virginia Christmas tree lighting.  The “coffee club” that meets at the general store each morning decided that our little community needed an event to bring everyone together.  On a piece of land next to the bank was placed a donated tree and at precisely 6pm, Spanky, the unofficial mayor of Cartersville, said a few words and the switch was thrown. The 200 or so people who were there sang a few Christmas carols, and the lights from the tree allowed you to see and meet your neighbors. It was truly an event that made this move-to-the-country experiment feel like a great idea.

And Santa Claus even made appearance.

To my new found community, Merry Christmas.


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Summer arrives

Summer has arrived here on the homestead, and with the summer comes sudden thunderstorms.  The last one to move through took out the top of one of trees near the house.

With a downed tree in the yard it was time to bust out the chipper.  Unfortunately the chipper decided to continue its winter slumber a little while longer and educate me on how to work on small engine carburetors.

While walking out of the goat barn the other morning I found one of my wife’s new puppies hanging around.  This one was not as soft and cuddly as the last.

This is Vivi, our oldest and highest producing goat.

She was not milked correctly by one of her previous owners and has blown out/ballon teats.  This makes it much easier to see when she is full of milk versus when she is empty.

Summer is bringing the first crops of the season, including squash, beans, melons and tomatoes.

The ducks continue to wander the yard leaving eggs like the water bunny.

The wife found another puppy she wanted to keep.  This one is one I’ve looking for, though.

Have a great summer, world.


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And we move on

It has been a long time, my friends.  Well let’s see where we left off.  When last we talked I had just set the floor for the goat house, and after several weeks I’ve gotten pretty far.

Where you see the ladder is where the main door will be, which is right next to the gate to get into the area is.

Two doors will come into two stalls for the goats.

The other thing we did in the past few days was we took down a 30 foot crape myrtle that was originally planted too close to the cabin.

     We used a view of the branches to make a roost in the chicken run.

And I saw the sign of spring I’ve been waiting for, the first bloom of forsythia.

Have a great week, world.