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Today marks the end of a week long staycation for me.  Lots of runs to the dump as we try to devoid our place of unwanted stuff.  Also took the opportunity to add a second set of external nesting boxes to our chicken coop.

They made added so much extra room inside as we removed the boxes from inside.

We also were able to harvest another bunch of potatoes, which had turned out to be much easier to grow then when we tried in past years.

I took a couple opportunities to do a little fishing and caught some of the channel catfish we had stocked the pond with last spring.

I’ll fill the rest of this post with some photos from around the homestead. Hope you enjoy.


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End of the season

As fall approaches, it spells the end of the summer vegetable season.  We had a few large green tomatoes left on the vines, and I decided to fry them up to go with dinner tonight.


Decided to use a few duck eggs for the egg wash and mixture of panko flakes, corn meal and crushed red pepper for the breading. 

Served with a siracha mayo and a dill and lemon mustard.

Not bad if I do say so.